There is just Too many places to search!  Depending on what you have lost, the number one dilemma we all face is where do we look?, how many places do we look? And do we need to keep looking in the same places we have already looked in case it shows up?

  • Online: Facebook and social media pages are a fantastic community service and effective in spreading the word at the time,  but as soon as your post disappears down the timeline, so does peoples attention to it.  Plus, how do we search for the post after it disappears?  Lost and found websites are a great way to search for listed items, but so far, they are either dedicated to one area or not marketed or managed enough to make it effective.  What happens if the item or animals has been moved to the next town or city?
  • We then have a myriad of physical places to search ie, Police stations, Council pounds (if its an animal)  Lost and found departments near where we last saw the item, we could post flyers on notice boards etc etc etc.  It’s more of a lucky dip as to whether or not you have chosen the right place to look.

What we need is a place that everyone knows about, where we can list the item and keep the record visible to whoever may be looking. Until it is found.  This is the place.  Listing here is free, you have nothing to lose!